Sunday, July 8, 2012


Name: Bachman
Developer: Ingemar Ragnemalm
Publisher: Shareware Authors
Year Released: 1992
System: Macintosh
Host System: Mac OS X running Mini vMac (System 6)

Here's another "old game" and not a AAA title like Zelda was, or even a cult-classic adventure game title. It's a little Pac-Man clone from the early days of the Mac. First discovered on my late grandfather's LC, of which he acquired tons and tons of shareware/pirated software from his Mac User Group, Bachman is mostly notable because it was one of the games I played, it had an isometric layout (not unlike Pac-Mania), and it had cool sound effects. It also has a few power-ups unique to the game: get an apple (which suspiciously resembles the Apple logo) to go fast, and you can shoot toast at your adversaries. If you have a System 6-based computer or emulator up and running, you can download version 1.x here. There's also a version 2.x, which apparently adds color and is Carbonized, but I've never gotten it to run in the systems it's supposed to, mostly getting CarbonLib errors (in Mac OS 9) or something in a European language I don't know (in the case of OS X).

In the middle picture, Bachman is about to be eaten. Anyway, Bachman was originally released with a $10 offer for a registered version which included a level editor. Unfortunately, like most early Mac "mail-in" shareware, a copy is virtually impossible to find.

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